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Skin camouflage... Are the creams for women only?

No, the creams are not make-up, they are used to conceal only the disfiguring skin blemish and are appropriate for men and children as well as women.  They can be used on various areas of the body. 

Why skin camouflage?

In the 21st century we are constantly being surrounded by perfect role models in magazines, films and on television.  Unfortunately, in the real world, things are not like that.  However, it is still important to feel that you 'fit in' and to have confidence in yourself.  Many people have had the impact of their disfigurement lessened with the help of skin camouflage.  It is a simple solution and can change lives. 

Skin Camouflage? Eh? What is it?

Skin camouflage is a technique used to cover up scars, skin problems, birth marks, tattoos and other dermatological conditions using non-permanent creams and make-up.   

Covering up tattoos, scars or birthmarks applied by a trained professional will for some people, enable them to have their 'dream' wedding dress, special outfit or even allow hair to be worn ‘up’ if the scarring on the neck or shoulder area is to be exposed. I can provide remedial camouflage for men, women and children, tattoo cover-up, bridal make-up in the Leicestershire and East Midlands area.  Do get in touch with me via the contact form here >.

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For booking availability, more information and specific pricing please get in touch with me via email or phone 07736287696, alternatively fill in the form here, I will aim to respond to emails within 24hrs.

Bridal Make-up

Following an initial introduction and discussion with you including your requirements and costings, Kirsty will come to your home or chosen location for a trial make-up session and consultation to ensure you get the desired look on your special day.

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Tattoo Camouflage

Hide that tattoo for your special day! Skin Camouflage is the application of specialist cover creams to improve the appearance of scarring, disfiguring skin conditions or to cover a tattoo. 

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Party Make-up

Need a make-up artist for a party? Prom? Special occasion?

I will come to your chosen location and create the desired look for you.

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Hair Styling

Hairstyling available upon request, Hair style trial Essential. Get in touch for a quote